February 24, 2013

Never too Early for Halloween

It's been a few months since Halloween, so it's time to start planning your costumes for next year. Here's my crazy Halloween schedule:

February-March: Find 5-10 costume ideas that are cool
April: Narrow your selections down to 1 or 2 costumes
May-July: Keep your eyes out for costume accessories in thrift shops etc.
August: Pick one costume idea but keep the other for a backup. Begin to acquire major parts of your costume like cardboard, fabric, etc.
September-Early October: Assemble costume
Mid October: Test out, fix, and put finishing touches on your costume
Late October: Have a compiled list of costume contests and other events. Also, map out your trick or treating route; better costumes mean better candy.
Halloween: Showtime! Have your emergency supplies like duct tape with you

Right now I'm in full planning mode here's some of my ideas:

-Book Fairy
-Celia from the Night Circus
-Guess Who? character

In my opinion, you can't just wear a costume because it is cool. Your costume should say something about you. A costume isn't a just a fun dress up game. It's a chance to say "this is me!" Halloween is the one day where it is socially appropriate to do this. Seize the opportunity; great costumes come from the heart.

Erica N

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