February 19, 2013

Pi Day Challenge

Hello, everyone!

As you know, March 14 is fast approaching. In preparation for pi day, I wanted to share this site with you all: http://www.pidaychallenge.com/

So far, I am on level 16. My goal is to beat the entire thing by March 14. So check it out!

                                                                                                   Erica N.

1 comment:

  1. “Morbus cyclometricus” may translate to “sanitas cyclometricus” if this new perspective of Pi confirms the value of all ongoing effort to “square the circle”: http://www.aitnaru.org/images/Pi_Corral.pdf (file attached to web page)

    This scalene triangle shape, inscribed within a circle, should help promote a new generation of ideas for food and festivities - even new solutions to "squaring the circle".

    Perhaps, by the next Pi Day celebration, the new slogan will be: “Some Pi are square, some are round, but no Pi is triangular”


I appreciate what you have to say. Thanks for your comments. :)