March 13, 2013

NASA Day 12- Launches

In accordance with this awesome contest that Beth Revis is doing:, I'll be blogging every day celebrating NASA. Beth Revis writes the Across the Universe Trilogy. You can check out the book review I did of the the books in the archives.

Anyway, onto my space post:

It seems like so long since the shuttle program was canceled. I remember watching the shuttles launch on the TV, then running to the driveway. The bright lights and rumble of the sonic boom entranced me. The night launches were the best. The windows shook from the vibrations and I stood watching until it disappeared from view completely.

Now, even though there are no more shuttle launches, I can still watch rockets. It's not the same, but it's still neat to think that something you are watching is going to be in space in mere seconds.

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