March 9, 2013

NASA Day 8- The Space Speed Limit

In accordance with this awesome contest that Beth Revis is doing:, I'll be blogging every day celebrating NASA. Beth Revis writes the Across the Universe Trilogy. You can check out the book review I did of the the books in the archives.

Anyway, onto my space post:

In our universe the speed of light is the limit. Even the fastest things we make, like rockets, go only a minuscule fraction of the speed of light. A few days ago, scientists were able to find the spin rate of the super massive black hole, NGC 1365. It's spin rate is about 84% the speed of light. Is that fast or what?

This measurement shows a real world application of Einstein's theory of relativity. As you speed up you pass more slowly through time. If you were able to travel at the speed of light you would not age at all. So, if we wanted to 'time travel' to the future, all we would need to do is get a large ship to go around a black hole for a short while. Then, when the ship turns back towards Earth, thousands of years might have passed.

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