April 6, 2013

Nail Art and the Truth About Trendy

First off, I wanted to share the nail art I did last night.
It's a silver base with glitter on top. The designs were done in black with a toothpick.

I have been called many things, but, yesterday, I was labeled as trendy for the first time. Although it had been meant as a simple compliment, it made me wonder what trendy is. Many people would say that to be trendy is to keep up with the latest styles. But, styles change from place to place, from time to time. Also, what is trendy to one person may not be to another. So, the truth about trendy is that being trendy on the outside is when we let our inside shine. It's what inside that counts and, when people see 'you' reflected in your appearance, you are trendy.

What are your thoughts about trendiness? Feel free to comment below! :)

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